Lee Asher with dogs in the woods

Known for an impassioned and engaging speaking style, Lee is taking his message on the road. Through compelling stories of overcoming adversity, heartfelt anecdotes about embracing the growth that comes out of tragedy, and a wealth of knowledge about the world of animal rescue, Lee captivates audiences and encourages them to join the movement to be their best self.

Lee’s tour is not just an opportunity to spend time with one of social media’s biggest stars but a chance to be inspired, motivated, and educated on the power of compassion and the difference each person can make in the world.

Lee Speaking

“Our audience Friday night got to see that the Lee Asher they follow on social media is the real deal… His vulnerability was unusual and kept their attention throughout. It reminded me of those few artists able to turn an arena into their living room with their authenticity. I expected to hear about animal rescue and it transcended that to be a message of resilience, compassion and hope.” Susan M. Crockett, President & CEO, Ruth Eckerd Hall